The Importance of Launchpads in the Crypto World


Innovative blockchain/cryptocurrency project sare springing up by the day and they have disrupted the financial industry and are also disrupting many others by their core decentralized nature that disintermediates and takes power from centralized authorities and government thus making financial inclusion available for everyone with internet access. As a result, blockchain and non-banking finance firms have taken over the world by storm. According to a recent study by LinkedIn and the crypto trading app OKX, it is estimated that the number of project sand people working in the blockchain space has shot up by 76%. Creating a significant rise in the need for funding opportunities for these projects to launch and garner traction. As a result,the need for understanding well-planned strategies to raise capital for Blockchain projects is only becoming more important.

Project founders understand that to run a project in a profitable manner, there is a need for a substantial amount of capital In the conventional business world, capital is raised in different ways including bootstrapping, venture capital, angel investors, crowdfunding, business loans, bank overdraft, and others. and it must be well planned as it significantly affects the overall output of the project.

However, since the advent of blockchain and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the strategy of raising capital for projects has changed. Concepts like IDO, IEO, and ICO are the new ways of raising capital and they came at the right time to help project founders fund their dream to the benefit of everyone. These new fundraising approaches usually involve the project creating a native token and selling it to early individual investors or users to help raise the capital needed to run the project. Interestingly, investor sare allowed to trade or sell the token for a decent ROI and they do not own any equity in the project. These new approaches give rise to Launchpad platforms that provide incubation support to emerging projects that help them develop and expand in an efficient and effective manner. It’s not only projects that benefit from them, the platforms also give investor saccess to early-stage token sales. Getting into early-stage token sales would also facilitate a bargain program for the investors before its public launching the market so that they can get a more affordable token price than others. Since launchpads are helping projects solve their fundraising problems, more and more projects are migrating towards them for help and investors are also turning towards them to get early access to project token sales. As a result, we introduce Dappad.App, a launchpad protocol built for enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized, permissionless, and interoperable environment based on the Ethereum network.


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