EN/ Dappad Launchpad IDO #2: BridgeM


We're excited to announce the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of BridgeM on Dappad Launchpad. This article provides all the essential details about the sale, including project information, sale details, and key reminders for participants.

What is BridgeM?

BridgeM is a decentralized interoperability protocol designed to connect Ethereum Layer 2 and Bitcoin Layer 2 networks seamlessly. It supports secure and efficient data communication services, facilitating the transfer of BRC20, ARC20, ERC20, FT, and NFT assets between these networks. This protocol promotes mutual growth and expands investment opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem.

Key Features of BridgeM:

  • Seamless Interoperability: Connects Ethereum Layer 2 and Bitcoin Layer 2 networks, enabling effortless cross-chain data communication.
  • Ecosystem Support: Initially supports the Merlin and Manta cross-chain ecosystems, with plans to expand to other networks.
  • High TVL: Achieved a peak Total Value Locked (TVL) of $130 million, demonstrating strong adoption and trust within the community.
  • Bitcoin Asset Support: Supports a wide range of Bitcoin assets, including BRC20 and RUNEs, broadening the scope of cross-chain interactions.
  • Strong Backing: Supported by prominent networks and ventures, including Manta Network, Merlin Chain, Poolz Ventures, and Bitlayer, ensuring robust development and growth.
  • Low Initial Market Cap: With an initial market cap (IMC) of only 216k, BridgeM offers significant growth potential for early investors.
  • Public Sale: Upcoming public sale with 150K BDGM tokens available, allowing the community to participate and invest.
  • More Details:
  • First Cross-Chain Bridge on Manta: Serves as a bidirectional bridge, connecting Bitcoin and Manta networks, contributing to a seamless transfer of assets and promoting an efficient and interconnected trading experience.
  • Partnerships: Partnering with Poolz Ventures, Bitlayer, Manta Network, and Stake Stone.
  • Modular Features: Leverages the modular features of the Manta Network to achieve an open and compatible framework.

Dappad IDO #2 | BridgeM (REFUNDABLE)

Registrations are open! Registration Link: Register for BridgeM IDO

We're excited to announce the upcoming IDO for BridgeM ($BDGM), a decentralized interoperability protocol that seamlessly connects Ethereum Layer 2 and Bitcoin Layer 2 networks. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Total Raise: $150k
  • Token Price: $0.0008
  • Token Unlocks: 15% at TGE, no cliff, 6 months vesting

Important Reminders:

  • Network: The sale will use USDT on the Zksync Era Network.
  • Refund Policy: This sale is refundable within 2 days after the TGE. For more information about our Refund Policy, you can visit here.

How to Check Your Tier:

Please visit here to check your tier and eligibility for participating in the BridgeM IDO.

Additional Information:

  • Staking Pool System: You can access the article containing the necessary information about staking pools here.
  • Tier System: You can access the article containing necessary information about the Tier System here.
  • Allocation amounts: Allocation amounts will be announced through our social media channels (Discord and Telegram). Make sure to follow us for the latest updates!
  • Warning: Your current tier will be applied when registering for the stake round. If you wish to upgrade your tier, please do so before registering.
  • Sale Dates

Registration Period

  • Opens: June 6, 2024, at 2:00 PM UTC
  • Closes: TBA

Staker Round

  • Opens: TBA
  • Closes: TBA

FCFS (First-Come, First-Serve) Round

  • Opens: TBA
  • Closes: TBA

Make sure to mark your calendars and participate within these time frames to secure your allocation in the BridgeM IDO!

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