DappLabs March Roadmap


Our Beloved Community of DappLabs,

As Dappad+, we are entering a new phase in our mission to play a pioneering role in the field of blockchain technologies. The period we have left behind was filled with successes and valuable partnerships that demonstrated both our potential in the industry and our opportunities for growth. March is not only a unique time to commemorate the successes we have achieved in the past but also to reinforce our determination to reach our future goals.

Our Milestones and Achievements

Market Recognition and User Growth

Throughout our journey, we have achieved significant milestones that have solidified our presence in the market. Our products have gained widespread recognition, leading to an increase in our user base. We have continually enhanced our technology, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation. Our efforts have been complemented by various partnerships that have extended our influence within the industry.

Dappad+: Pioneering Account Abstraction on Zksync Era

Dappad+ stands out as the first Account Abstraction Launchpad on the Zksync Era. We have successfully engaged over 50,000 unique testnet users and facilitated thousands of transactions within just a week. Our collaboration with dozens of partners has been a testament to our success and growth in this area.

DappGate: Bridging Tokens Across Multiple Chains

DappGate has revolutionized the way ONFT, OFT, and native tokens are bridged across more than 40 different chains, utilizing Layerzero infrastructure. In a few months, we have processed over a million of transactions and attracted thousands of unique users, demonstrating the robustness and appeal of our solution.

Aggre: Maximizing Transaction Volume on Scroll

Our Aggregator, Aggre, running on Scroll, has achieved an extensive volume with more than 3000 unique users and over 5000 transactions. This milestone underscores our commitment to providing valuable and efficient aggregation services in the blockchain ecosystem.

Linear: Achieving Transaction Milestones on Linea

Similarly, Linear, our Aggregator on Linea, has mirrored the success of Aggre by reaching a great amount of transaction volume. With more than 3000 unique users and more than 5000 transactions, Linear demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality aggregation services across various platforms.

Tracker: Monitoring User Statistics Across 18 Chains

Our user statistics tracker has reached an impressive milestone of over 40,000 unique users in just a few months. This tool, which monitors user activity across 20+ different chains, highlights our dedication to understanding and serving the blockchain community effectively.

Our Vision for March

This Month's Goals:

March is a strategic turning point for Dappad+. This month, we aim to significantly advance our technological development and market position. In particular, we aim to make our Dappad launchpad live on the zkSync Era network and provide a more efficient and secure platform to our users by integrating with Account Abstraction and Paymaster technologies. We also plan to complete our $APPA token sale and plan to reinvest the raised amount in developing the technological infrastructure of DappLabs/Dappad+. These goals aim to create a richer experience for our users and strengthen our platform's position in the industry.

Long-Term Goals:

The goals we set in March are a critical part of Dappad+'s long-term strategy. These goals are not just immediate gains, but also the cornerstones of our sustainable growth and innovation journey. For example, our efforts to improve user experience are a key investment in increasing customer satisfaction and therefore the long-term user base of our platform. Similarly, strengthening our technological infrastructure and adding new features will keep Dappad+ competitive in the market, as well as enable us to adapt to the latest trends in blockchain technology and maintain our leading position.

Besides our long-term goals, we are strengthening Dappad+'s innovative position in the industry. The steps we will take in March will support this big picture and bring us one step closer to our long-term goals. These goals include market leadership, the development of product technology, and ensuring a sustainable business model. Each activity and project is planned to contribute to these long-term goals so that each step brings us closer to our overall vision.

Risks and Management Plans:

We are comprehensively addressing the risks we may face as the Dappad+ platform in March and beyond. Primarily, we focus on technological risks; We take precautions against errors and security vulnerabilities we may encounter during new system integrations and updates. In this context, we develop continuous code reviews, security audits, and emergency response plans.

Market and financial risks are also on our radar. We determine cost management and cash flow optimizing strategies against the volatilities that may occur due to the nature of the cryptocurrency market. At the same time, we strive to increase our financial sustainability by creating diversified income streams.

To survive in the competitive environment, we closely follow the developments in the sector and the strategies of our competitors. We aim to strengthen our position in the market by developing innovative solutions that meet customer needs, such as Account Abstraction and Paymaster, and by constantly improving the user experience.

We constantly monitor legal developments and act under appropriate regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance with current and future laws against legal and regulatory risks. By working with expert legal consultants, we aim to quickly adapt to any legal changes.

This holistic approach aims to reduce the risks that Dappad+ may face and ensure the healthy growth of the platform. With management plans specifically designed for each type of risk, we aim to maintain the stability and security of our platform in both the short and long term.

Action Plan

Throughout March, the Dappad+ team aims to execute various priority tasks that will ensure the growth and development of our platform. The roles and responsibilities of each team member have been clearly defined, and a comprehensive plan has been formulated to implement the following actions:

1. Launching Dappad Launchpad on ZkSync Era Network:

  • Our development team will complete the necessary work for integration with the zkSync Era network, including system testing, security audits, and user interface updates.
  • The marketing team will prepare special campaigns and announcements to inform users about the new platform.
  • Development team is actively working on enhancing gas efficiency within the Dappad Launchpad on the zkSync Era network.

2. Developing a Custom Paymaster for APPA Token:

  • Our custom paymaster to facilitate seamless transactions using our native token APPA as the preferred gas fee token. This strategic move not only enhances the utility of the APPA token but also opens up opportunities for partnerships with other innovative projects.

APPA Token as Gas Fee:

Users will now have the option to utilize the APPA token for transaction fees on our platform, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to engage with our ecosystem.

Partnership Opportunities:

We are actively seeking partnerships with other forward-thinking projects to integrate our custom paymaster. By collaborating with diverse platforms, we aim to create a network effect that benefits users across multiple ecosystems.

Future Discounts:

As part of our commitment to user satisfaction, we have exciting plans for future discounts. Users leveraging the APPA token for gas fees may unlock exclusive discounts, creating added value for our community.

3. Completing the $APPA Sale Rounds:

  • Sales and marketing teams will implement targeted marketing strategies to support $APPA sales and achieve sales targets.
  • The finance team will analyze the proceeds and determine how to reinvest them most effectively for the technological advancement of the platform and other critical needs.

4. Technological Development of Dappad Launchpad:

  • The R&D team will work on improving existing features and adding new functionalities to enhance user experience and increase the platform's competitiveness in the market.
  • Business development teams will collect user feedback and assess how it can be utilized for continuous improvement of the platform.

5. Mobile Application Development:

  • Easy Onboarding:

Social Login: Swiftly join the Dappad community using your favorite social media accounts for a hassle-free onboarding experience.

  • Dappad Launchpad Integration:

Direct Access: Seamlessly explore and participate in a diverse array of blockchain projects directly from the mobile app.

  • Smart Wallet Functionality:

All-in-One Solution: Your mobile app doubles as a smart wallet, enabling you to manage and transact with ease.

  • Custom Paymaster:

Efficient Transactions: Benefit from our custom paymaster feature, ensuring smooth and cost-effective transactions.

6. Community Engagement and Feedback:

  • The community management team will interact with users, organize special events and campaigns, and collect user feedback.
  • This feedback will play a crucial role in improving our products and services, aiding in increasing user satisfaction.

7. KYC Integration: (zkPass) 

  • The Dappad team will initiate the process of implementing KYC integration into the platform, aiming to make the identity verification processes of our users more secure and efficient.
  • The development team will work on the necessary infrastructure and API connections for secure KYC processes.
  • Project managers will coordinate the KYC integration timeline, overseeing the implementation of this new feature according to plan, thereby enhancing the security of Dappad users and reinforcing the trustworthiness of our platform.

This action plan is designed to ensure Dappad+'s achievement of its objectives throughout March and beyond. Each task has been meticulously planned to contribute to the overall success of the platform. As a team, we are committed to executing this plan to strengthen Dappad+'s position in the industry and provide our users with even more valuable services.


Throughout March, we will follow the timeline outlined below to achieve the set goals for Dappad+:

March 1-7:

  • Finalizing the $APPA sales strategy and preparing marketing materials.
  • Initiating $APPA sales rounds and implementing related marketing activities.
  • Announcing various Strategic Partnerships.

Launching the Appa Token Private Sale on March 5, 2024.

Private Sale Participants Include:

  • Dappad ONFT Holders.
  • Wallets that have made transactions on the zkSync network via DappGate.
  • Tracker ONFT Pass Holders.
  • Participants from previous Galxe Campaigns created by Dappad.
  • NeuroLanche NFT Holders.
  • Wallets that have made transactions on Aggre and Linear Aggregators.
  • Results from certain events.

March 8-14:

  • Completing preliminary preparations for integrating the Dappad launchpad with the zkSync Era Mainnet.
  • Reviewing and planning improvements for user feedback mechanisms.
  • Launching zkPass KYC.

March 15-21:

  • Initiating Public Sales on various Launchpad Platforms and Exchanges including DaoMaker on 18th of March.
  • Making initial announcements about the tier system.
  • Evaluating technical developments and user feedback; planning corrective activities if necessary.

March 22-28:

  • Implementing necessary updates to improve user experience on the Dappad launchpad.
  • Evaluating the $APPA sales process and determining strategies for subsequent steps.
  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the activities carried out and the results obtained throughout March.

March 28-29: Appa Token Launch.

This timeline summarizes the steps that the Dappad+ team needs to focus on and follow throughout March. It is critical for the successful progression of the project. The completion times for each task will ensure the efficient management of the project and help us achieve our objectives in a timely manner.

Special Events and Campaigns:

In March, we will organize various special events and campaigns to increase engagement with the Dappad+ community and increase the value of our platform. These events and campaigns will be designed to encourage user participation, collect feedback, and build a stronger connection with our community, as well as to help users get to know Dappad better.

Feedback and Participation:

In March, at Dappad+, we consider feedback and participation from our community as a critical resource for the development of our platform. We will implement various methods to better hear the voices of our users and constantly improve their experience on our platform.


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