Dappad zkPass-KYC Integration


Dappad, we're driving forward the mission to transcend traditional Web3 access barriers, focusing on enhancing user experience with our platform. In this spirit, we've embarked on a significant integration with zkPass to redefine KYC (Know Your Customer) processes on our platform. This collaboration aims to offer our users a more secure and private KYC experience, aligning with our commitment to legal and regulatory compliance. We ensure that all users undergo KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) verification processes in accordance with global standards, which helps maintain a secure and law-abiding environment on our platform. Moreover, we've implemented restrictions for users from certain countries to comply with international sanctions and legal frameworks, underscoring our dedication to operating within legal boundaries      .

Our launchpad is pioneering the use of account abstraction, making the onboarding process more accessible and user-friendly. We have successfully conducted multiple Initial Private Offering (IPO) rounds and are planning further advancements, such as custom paymasters for managing ecosystem fees and optimized transactions for a seamless experience.

zkPass leverages a private data protocol utilizing technologies like  (MPC), Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof System, and 3P-TLS protocol. Its flagship product, TransGate, facilitates the secure transfer of private data between Web2 and Web3 domains, preserving privacy while ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and validity of private data without the need for document uploads. This approach is designed to be compatible with all HTTPS-based web sessions, thereby protecting user privacy and data integrity without compromising on verifiability or protection against malicious activities      .

By integrating zkPass into our platform, we bolster the innovations on the Dappad platform, reinforcing our commitment to regulatory compliance and user security. This partnership not only enhances the KYC process to be more secure and privacy-respecting but also offers our users a more accessible and secure gateway into the decentralized finance and applications world. Our efforts are aimed at creating a more inclusive and interoperable blockchain ecosystem where innovation and growth are nurtured. Addressing the challenges faced by existing blockchain launchpads and prioritizing user experience, security, and transparency, we're laying the groundwork for a more accessible and secure future in finance.


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