Dappad Launchpad Tier System


Enrollment into Launchpad

As outlined in our "Introduction & Breakdown" post, becoming a member of the Launchpad requires users to meet two simple criteria:

  1. Completion of onboarding with our KYC partner Zkpass
    👉KYC Here 👈
  2. Staking the minimal threshold amount of APPA tokens to accumulate enough points and attain at least Novice Avatar tier status

Staking :

Staking will be opened on 14/04/2024.

Staking signifies a commitment to socioeconomic participation. By staking APPA tokens, users signal their intentions and unlock the full range of utilities offered by our project.

The cornerstone of Launchpad participation is staking APPA tokens to accrue points and achieve tier status.

1 staked APPA token = 1 tier point

APPA token staking is divided into four pools based on duration, with each pool offering its own point multiplier. Longer stake durations amplify a user's influence within the ecosystem.

Each stake pool duration brings its own point multiplier:

30 days = 1x points multiplier
60 days = 1.2x points multiplier
180 days = 1.5x points multiplier
365 days = 2x points multiplier
999 days = 4x points multiplier

Point System:

The point system calculates the impact of a user's stake on their participation.

Points track a user's commitment and reputation within the Dappad ecosystem, attributing accurate weights to their allocation rights.

Points are calculated by multiplying the amount of APPA tokens staked by the stake pool multiplier:

Total APPA tokens staked * pool multiplier = Tier Points

For example:

  • Staking 1,000 APPA tokens into a 30-day pool yields 1,000 Tier points
  • Staking 1,000 APPA tokens into a 60-day pool yields 1,200 Tier points
  • Staking 1,000 APPA tokens into a 180-day pool yields 1,500 Tier points
  • Staking 1,000 APPA tokens into a 365-day pool yields 2,000 Tier points
  • Staking 1,000 APPA tokens into a 999-day pool yields 4,000 Tier points

Novice Bender

  • Points Required: >5000+
  • Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
  • Participation rounds: FCFS - Not Guaranteed
  • Pool Weight: 1x Allocation Multiplier

As a Novice Bender, you commence your journey with a commitment to the Dappad ecosystem. Participation in rounds is available, albeit without guaranteed placement. However, your engagement and dedication pave the way for progression to higher tiers.

Water Tribe

  • Points Required: 20,000+
  • Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
  • Participation rounds: #1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)
  • Pool Weight: 4x Allocation Multiplier

Upon attaining the Water Tribe tier, your influence within Dappad expands. With a stake of 20,000 points, you gain guaranteed access to participation rounds, securing your position in upcoming opportunities.

Earth Kingdom

  • Points Required: 50,000+
  • Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
  • Participation rounds: #1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)
  • Pool Weight: 12x Allocation Multiplier

Ascending to the Earth Kingdom tier signifies a deeper commitment to Dappad. With 50,000 points staked, you unlock exclusive privileges, including guaranteed access to premium crowdfunding and private sales.

Fire Nation

  • Points Required: 120,000+
  • Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
  • Participation rounds: #1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)
  • Pool Weight: 28x Allocation Multiplier

The Fire Nation tier marks a significant milestone in your journey. With 120,000 points staked, you command attention and respect within the Dappad ecosystem. Enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to airdrops and private sales.

Air Nomads

  • Points Required: 250,000+
  • Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
  • Participation rounds: #1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)
  • Pool Weight: 60x Allocation Multiplier

As an Air Nomad, your influence reaches new heights. With 250,000 points staked, you gain access to premium perks and privileges, ensuring your place at the forefront of innovation within Dappad.

Avatar State

  • Points Required: 500,000+
  • Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
  • Participation rounds: #1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)
  • Pool Weight: 140x Allocation Multiplier

At the pinnacle of the Dappad Launchpad stands the Avatar State tier. With an impressive stake of 500,000 points, you wield unparalleled power and influence within the ecosystem.

Tier Point Calculations

Tier points within the Dappad Launchpad are calculated based on the amount of APPA tokens staked and the duration of the stake. Here's how it works:

  • Each staked APPA token earns one tier point.
  • Different stake pools offer varying multipliers based on the duration:
    • 30 days: 1x Multiplier
    • 60 days: 1.2x Multiplier
    • 180 days: 1.5x Multiplier
    • 360 days: 2x Multiplier

For example, if a user stakes 10,000 APPA tokens for 60 days, they would earn 12,000 tier points (10,000 tokens * 1.2 multiplier). This system incentivizes long-term commitment and active participation within the Dappad ecosystem.

Example of Multiple Stake Pool Stake:

Let's consider a generic user who decides to stake their APPA tokens in two different stake pools for varying durations:

  • Stake Pool 1: The user stakes 5,000 APPA tokens for 30 days.
  • Stake Pool 2: The user stakes 7,000 APPA tokens for 180 days.

For Stake Pool 1:

  • 5,000 tokens * 1x multiplier (for 30 days) = 5,000 tier points

For Stake Pool 2:

  • 7,000 tokens * 1.5x multiplier (for 180 days) = 10,500 tier points

In total, the user would earn 15,500 tier points (5,000 from Stake Pool 1 + 10,500 from Stake Pool 2). This demonstrates how users can optimize their tier point accumulation by strategically diversifying their stakes across different pools and durations.


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