DAPPAD+ & JEDISWAP Strategic Partnership


In the midst of the rapid transformation and expansion of the blockchain industry, we at Dappad+, a multi-chain launchpad platform, are elated to reveal a long-term strategic collaboration with Jediswap. The ambition of this partnership is to revolutionize token issuance and liquidity generation protocols in the blockchain landscape. While our immediate attention is directed towards the Starknet network, the enrichment of this collaboration is derived from Dappad+’s multichain capabilities.

The commencement of this partnership entails a collection of initiatives designed to unite our communities. We plan to engage our global audiences through various means, including Twitter announcements and AMA sessions. The objective is not merely to familiarize our users with Jediswap, but also to delve into the potential of the Starknet network. These events aim to serve our diverse community, accommodating several languages such as Turkish, to make sure all our members feel included and informed.

The core of our collaboration with Jediswap is to streamline the journey for launchpad projects within the Starknet network. We intend to utilize Jediswap’s reputable status as a liquidity hub by directing projects financed by Dappad+ straight to Jediswap. This significant step is geared towards firmly positioning Jediswap as the leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Starknet, hence opening a dynamic new phase in the blockchain environment.

This strategic alliance utilizes Jediswap’s liquidity solutions, which aligns well with Dappad+’s dedication to support the next wave of blockchain projects across multiple chains. To guarantee a smooth transition, Jediswap will lend its technical proficiency to Dappad+, whilst also increasing the visibility of new token launches on social media platforms. This integrated approach aims to stimulate trading volume, enhance liquidity, and encourage innovation within the Starknet ecosystem and beyond.

Our union with Jediswap reflects our shared vision to build a robust platform that drives growth and innovation in the blockchain field. A crucial component of our strategy is an extensive due diligence process for each project, ensuring transparency, integrity, and accountability in all our undertakings.

We at Dappad+ are thrilled about the synergies this partnership will bring. We hold a strong belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology and its potential for mass adoption. This alliance marks a significant milestone not only for Dappad+ and Jediswap, but also for the larger Starknet ecosystem and our multichain ambitions.

The integration of Dappad+ projects with Jediswap on the Starknet network indicates a substantial step forward in the blockchain technology arena. This collaboration offers projects an unimpeded path from initial funding to a well-established exchange, thus attracting volume, liquidity, and boosting investor confidence.

By combining Dappad+’s innovative multi-chain launchpad capabilities with Jediswap’s comprehensive liquidity solutions, we aim to establish a new benchmark for token issuance and exchange on the Starknet network and beyond. This partnership aligns with our vision for a more connected and efficient blockchain sector, enabling startups to thrive and offering users enhanced access to a multitude of opportunities.

In conclusion, our alliance with Jediswap goes beyond a conventional partnership. It signifies our commitment to cultivating not just the Starknet ecosystem, but also promoting progress in blockchain technology across multiple chains. As we embark on this new journey, we are confident that our partnership will set a new standard for success in the crypto space, bringing substantial benefits to our community, and revolutionizing the wider crypto landscape.


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