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What is the CARV Protocol?

CARV Protocol is a modular data layer that facilitates data exchange and value distribution across the gaming and AI sectors. It encompasses end-to-end data flow processes, including data verification, identity authentication, storage, processing, model training, and value distribution. With CARV Protocol, every individual can now own, control, verify, and monetize their data, revolutionizing how data is used and shared, by ensuring privacy, ownership, and control are firmly in the hands of individuals, pioneering a future where data generates value for all.

The modularity of the CARV protocol has

  • Enabled 780+ games and AI companies across web2 & web3 such as Electronic Arts, Netmarble, and AliCloud to leverage data as a commodity in ways unique to their business needs, from NPC training, and user understanding, to anti-sybil mechanisms.
  • Onboarded 920K+ individuals onto “Lifetime Membership of Passive Income” via CARV ID (ERC7231 standard NFT).
  • Decentralized confidential computation layers of CARV’s protocol to ensure privacy-preserving, policy-compliant, redistribution of value creation to data contributors and owners in the millions.
  • CARV is dedicating 25% of the total token supply to node verifiers, with a release model reducing by 25% every 6 months, it is expected that about 50% of tokens will be released in the first year alone click here to learn more.

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CARV Node Tierlist:

Tier Details:

  • Tier 1 (Novice Bender): Can buy CARV Node at Tier 6
  • Tier 2 (Water Tribe): Can buy CARV Node at Tier 5 and Tier 6
  • Tier 3 (Earth Kingdom), Tier 4 (Fire Nation), Tier 5 (Air Nomads), and Tier 6 (Avatar State): Have the flexibility to purchase at Tier 4, Tier 5, or Tier 6.

Sale Details:

  • Tier 4: 785 USDT, with a maximum of 10 nodes available.
  • Tier 5: 887 USDT, with a maximum of 20 nodes available.
  • Tier 6: 998 USDT, with a maximum of 80 nodes available.

Sale Date:

Staker Round: 20 May 2024 4 PM UTC to 21 May 2024 8 PM UTC

FCFS Round: 21 May 2024 8 PM UTC to 27 May 2024 12 AM UTC

How To Register?

The registration will start on May 15, 2024, at 4 PM UTC and close on May 20, 2024, at 4 PM UTC

Registering for the CARV Node sale is quick and easy. Head up to the sale page and click the “Register” button. Click here to visit the official sale page.

Important Reminders:

  • Per Wallet Limit: Each wallet has the opportunity to buy only 3 nodes per wallet.
  • Availability: There’s no guarantee for any specific tier, as availability is on a first-come, first-serve (FCFS) basis.
  • Network: The sale will be on the ZkSync Era network.
  • This sale is not refundable.

How to Check Your Tier:

Please visit here to check your tier and eligibility for purchasing CARV nodes.

Additional Information:

  • Staking Pool System: You can access the article containing the necessary information about staking pools here.
  • Tier System: You can access the article containing necessary information about Tier System here.
  • Act Quickly: Due to the dynamic nature of the sale and limited availability, participants are advised to act quickly to secure their desired tier.
  • Participation in the sale requires mandatory registration. Please ensure you register before the sale date to secure your spot.
  • Participation in the FCFS Tour does not require Registration.

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